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How to play
In this game, the child must use his fingers (tactile sense) during his time at the beginning of the program to pull his fingers over the area and the specified path and achieve the score of this stage.

Teach the alphabet by touching

Usually in education, they use more than hearing and visual impairments, which call this kind of training as audiovisual instruction. To make education deeper. One should also use other senses, one of these senses is the tactile sensation.
If your backyard is large, you can pour some sand in the corner of the house, then write a word on the board and draw your child with a hand or foot on the sand.
You can also use this kind of training with the program alphabetical, since it's possible to do this with regard to today's urban life.
Other features of this program, which are very important and practical, are:
1. Completely educational
2- Ability to see the score or score at each stage of the game
3- The ability to choose the time to play the game is the responsibility of the child
4- Possible match between child and parent
5. The charm of the continuation of the game for the child
6- Increasing the power of focusing on the child's fingers
7- Ability to clear game scores and restart
8. A special attraction for people who claim high focus.


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