Battle Land

Category Adventure
Active Installs less than 100
Size 38.1 MB
Version 2.3


Game Land battle with features such as the construction of an infinite number of places, 20 stage with more than 30 different enemies and 5 boss fights, the game features a double double play volleyball, soccer double, two-person battle game, tank battle game Double, capable of sailing and riding tanks with two different characters and 4 different locations, the ability to change the category and place in a double battle, change the ball in play volleyball and soccer, and timeout settings menu and adjust the resolution of the game's description.

Full features of the game

1. 20 step

2-over 30 enemy

3. Dry 4 different locations

4. The possibility of tank rides and canoe

5. Ability to build step by yourself

6-sound pretty good,

7. elegant design

8-has physical


10-has 4 double game

11. The two-player game of volleyball with a ball instead of a menu screen and Stop and John Players

12. Change ball and play football with great physical and menu and screen timeout, and the number of flowers and time

13-game double battle with the ability to change the category of touch in 3 different modes for greater convenience and have 3 different locations and items for battle and Qbalyt add branches blade life and energy to play and take the time and life and power and screen Stop menu

14. The tank battle game with two characters drive the robot and tank great physics and stop menu range and having John

15. Ability to play with 2 different Pkaraktr game with unique features of each

16. The first and second jump Tyrzdn, saber, Zyrparftn, orientation to the right and left for every player

17 - Adjustable resolution and Help menu for all of the primary menu

18. Follow the steps as escape from stones and fight with boss fights, each with unique features

Note: This game is cheap and the overall functionality and minimum size for you, so please support the efforts of the frequency bands.


اضافه شدن اشیا جدید به مرحله ساز

بهتر شدن جایگاه دکمه های نبرد

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اسان تر شدن بعضی مراحل

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رفع باگ پرنده بازی

اضافه شدن قابلیت افزایش توپ

اضافه شدن عوض کردن تصویر 

پر رنگ تر شدن دکمه ها

عوض شدن اهنگ نبرد تانکی

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