Fruit Race — Game For Kids🏎️

Fruit Race — Game For Kids🏎️

Version 1.0.11
Install +5 K
Category Arcade
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2021 June 23
Fruit Race — Game For Kids🏎️

Fruit Race — Game For Kids🏎️

Version 1.0.11
Install +5 K
Category Arcade
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2021 June 23
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If your kids love cars and racing, then they will love this game! Fruit Racing Game for young kids and toddlers! Designed for young children and toddlers .
Fruit race is a remarkable, intriguing, splendid and outstanding game for tablet PC and smartphone. It’s not a conventional drive-race, that already seems to be boring for many kids, but a real entertainment for 3-10 year-old kids. This chargeless game differs from traditional ones. It’s lovely graphics, attractive animation, bright elements and simple management attract boys and girls of various ages.
Little neat car picks up appetizing fruits while moving under your control along the pier. As well the car has to bypass all the numerous obstacles. To fulfill the mission successfully the player has to be attentive and intend to win.
Game subject
The feature of the game consists of the idea, that in fact it doesn’t have finish: a car moves along the pier and a kid gains scores until he gets tired. Once he shows his inattention – the game is over and the scores are disappointing. Let’s note it’s quite convenient to play this game from any mobile device without using desktop computer. This means that remarkable game is available for your child in any place he wants to play.
Today nothing interferes your child to start the game and enjoy the pier travel
picking up vivid vitamins and gaining the scores.
This game seems to be incredibly intriguing because of considered subject,
colorful graphics and its usefulness. Fruit race is a real help for boys and girls in fingers motility skills development and attention to details increase. Calm, intriguing, cheerful and little bit crazy game seems to be very attractive from different viewpoints. Too bright colors do not disturb a kid and he can concentrate on the pier conquest and bypassing obstacles.
Free children games could be boring but not the Fruit race! The game is suitable for boys and girls but teenagers will also like it. It’s interesting for kid to drive speedy car and pick up colorful fruits trying not to touch various obstacles. The game could be endless if the kid becomes more attentive to details of a process.
Fruit race game features
This preschool game for tablet PC and smartphone has simple and apprehensible interface which is clear for every child. Colorful design helps to understand how to drive a car in this popular fruit race.
1. You can use touchscreen of your mobile device to manage the toy car on a

2. This joy game is not just a pleasure but a logical thinking cultivation,
because each kid wants to win and has to think through his right actions.
3. You have possibility to feel yourself a real driver of a marvelous car which
is moving along the scenic pier. These new impressions and emotions extend the purview of your kid.
4. Pleasant accompanying sounds affect kindly the mind and psychological
condition of your child, prevent nervous breakdown, calm and increase an
attention to game process.
Fruit race is an intriguing journey to the world of bright graphics and car
races. The game will help children with fingers motility skills development,
attention and concentration rising.

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