Shooting Bad Guys Zombie Edition

Shooting Bad Guys Zombie Edition

نسخه ۱.۱
نصب فعال

The undead have risen from their death sleep to reap dark horror on the world ! Those un-dead came to demolish the living. Dare you walk among these creatures, kill them dead and save the world?
It's the age of los muertos vivientes! Dark demons are back after apocalypse to destroy our world. Target those dirty souls with your sniper gun and blast their head. Save the world from zombie incursion! Those castaways undead will kill and eat human brains and regain power of dark! Don't let them rule the world with dark magic. Make the dark age dream history today.

You can buy sniper guns with more ammo with cash. Kill the zombie jerks to earn more cash. Use your machine gun to destroy the muertos vivientes!

Lots of dark demons are there and you've limited ammos. So make every shot count and give those castaways zombies a real
terrible lesson.

Good luck Sniper Hitman!

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