Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing

Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing

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Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing

Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing

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نسخهٔ 1.4
Install +5 K
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حجم 52 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2023 January 25
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Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing is the highest quality video calling and meeting application. It is a free video-conferencing that allows you to communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues with ease.

Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a secure meeting with flawless video and audio, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging - for free!

Video conferencing allows you to securely connect, collaborate and celebrate from anywhere. With Video meetings, everyone can safely create and join high-quality video meetings up to more people.

You can chat, video call, and send a message with meet. Cloud Video Meetings is powerful and, very easy to use. Online meeting app that allows you to communicate with all people safely and securely.

Create a Meeting code and share your unique meeting code with your participants and you’re good to go. We built We Meet with the end-user in mind so it is incredibly simple to use.

Meet: Cloud Video Meetings is your communications hub for meetings, webinars, chat and cloud phone. Your users can start or join meetings with flawless video, crystal clear audio and instant screen sharing from mobile or conference rooms.

Video Meeting - Video Audio Conference is one of the world's most advanced solutions for video and web conferences that enable anyone to work together with teams and partners from anywhere at any time.

New to Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing?

• Join a meeting with ease using the unique meeting code. No sign-up is required.
• Create a meeting for free and share the meeting link with your friends, family, or colleagues with ease right from the app.


• Create meetings and share the meeting Id with your friends
• Join Meeting without login
• Join and present from any meetings
• Unlimited users. No limitations for a single call.
• Amazing video, audio quality
• High definition video meetings
• Large scale meetings, easy to use
• Chat with other users during the meeting
• Global coverage, connect with anyone, from anywhere at any time.

Meet: Cloud Video Conferencing uses the free and open-source Jitsi Server in the backend to process and encrypt all the communication between users. Jitsi promises better quality and lower latency.

Meet and Cloud Video conferencing is the best online video application that provides secure communication with team members in high quality. Call and talk to the people you want, with no limit.

Online Video Meetings & HD Conference promises crystal clear, instant messaging, face-to-face video, and lower latency-free. It brings video conferencing, online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use app.

With Cloud Video Conference, you can create live meetings at the moment. With Meet, you will be able to have the training, general business meetings, live and audio calls with people. Moreover, call, text, and video with no limits.

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