Calculator Lock Calculator App

Calculator Lock Calculator App

Version 3.0.2
Install +100 K
Category Tools
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 February 19
Calculator Lock Calculator App

Calculator Lock Calculator App

App Store.
Version 3.0.2
Install +100 K
Category Tools
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 February 19
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Calculator Lock Calculator Hide App Photo Lock & Lock apps

is the Vault app that can secretly Lock Photos & Hide Videos. Your files will be secretly stored in a vault and no one can view hidden folders or privacy files except yourself in Calculator Locker

Calculator Lock or Calculator App Lock

is a great privacy protection application to easily Calculator lock Apps photos and videos you don't want others to see on your Android device with Calculator Lock.

Hide photo lock and videos - Secret calculator lock keep your photos/videos safe and private with photo and video vault.

Highlight Features of Calculator Lock

✔ Calculator App video lock Apps, calculator photo vault, no one knows its existence except you
✔ Calculator photo lock vault: Click on Plus Button at the bottom of the calculator app lock and then select safe locker media from Device and click the lock Apps calculator button to hide the calculator App into the photo lock apps.
✔ Lock Apps - Calculator lock app is the privacy lock can secretly Hide privacy Pictures, lock Apps privacy Videos and Calculator Lock apps without anyone knowing as gallery lock.

Calculator Lock Apps help you:

- Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Secret lock photo lock
- Photo Lock Calculator lock - App and lock video
- Calculator App Lock - Photo & Video Hider

🖼Icon Disguise Calculator lock

- Offer all the regular and scientific Lock Calculator app lock functions to make a perfect disguise for a secure gallery vault picture/video lock.

📷Photo Lock, hide pictures

- Easily hide pictures to our vault from your device
- Enjoy a private photo gallery that only you can view

🕵️How to open Calculator Lock Apps?

Enter your password and press the '=' button to open Calculator Lock Apps

🎥Video Lock Apps and Media Secret

- Don’t worry about your private media in our video vault
- Protect your secret videos from prying eyes and nosy friends

📁lock files, photos, videos, notes, contacts & credential in secret calculator lock

- Create Secret multiple gallery vaults with different passwords for Lock photos, videos.
- Set one of them to be a fake Calculator App Photo Lock or gallery vault.

★#1 Privacy Guard. Calculator Hide App lock & photo lock Apps + videos

- Keep others away from your private videos, movies in a safe video vault
- Calculator lock apps is completely free to Hide unlimited Pictures and Videos in the App Lock calculator lock
- Secret calculator lock to hide video, hide photo
- keep the calculator App safe and Hide Pictures, Videos, and lock Apps behind smart calc.

How to restore encrypted file ?

Long press on the encrypted file will enter the edit mode, you can restore it by using the restore button.

Main features of Calculator App Lock Photos & Videos - Calculator Lock & photo lock

✶ Hide photos, lock videos, and hide any other types of files
✶ Private photo vault, video vault is hidden from your recently used apps list
✶ Creates a Secret video lock apps that offers protection for your private videos
✶ Hide App Lock, hide video under the Lock calculator Lock
✶ No one knows the existence of Secret Gallery Vault except you
✶ The hidden files (photo Secret, video vault) are all encrypted in the private photo and video vault
✶ Turn off the app to close Gallery Vault (Photo vault, video Secret, backup)

Need Help?
If you have any problem with Calculator Lock for Secret Calculator App Lock Photos & Lock Video, please feel free to contact us:

What if I forget my password?
- Please enter “11223344=” to verify your security question and reset the password.

Your privacy is important to us!

Calculator Lock – Photo Lock & Video Vault Calculator Lock app with Calculator App lock

app does not copy or store your photo lock and videos.

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3.6 from 5
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