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The flashlight with LED,screen color light,compass and night camera! Your phone will shine as a real brightest flashlight by accessing your camera and flashlight permissions,super convenient when you need extra light in the dark! This torch is the most powerful flashlight and brightest flashlight you will ever have! 💓💖💯

🔅 Free flashlight - Powerful flashlight app for Android
🔅 Brightest flashlight - Instantly turn your phone into the brightest led flashlight
🔅 Color screen light - Customize color and brightness for yourself, optional SOS
🔅 Strobe flashlight - 9 different strobe/blinking mode supported
🔅 Compass - Incredibly smooth movements
🔅 HD camera - Night camera zoom in and out, and take pictures quickly
🔅 Flash light - Amazing blinking LED flashlight for your phone,frequency adjustable
🔅 LED flashlight - Flashlight app with fast startup and smooth operation
🔅 Best flashlight - Brightest flashlight stronger than normal flashlight & torch light.

Flashlight features:
🔦 Brightest flashlight
Brightest LED flashlight turns your phone into a strong flashlight in the fastest way and easiest tap. Free flashlight lights up your night and help you in emergency. Brightest flashlight multi LED is the most powerful flashlight widget in the world, provide you best flash light & power light.

🌈Color screen light
Change the color and brightness of your phone's screen to help guide you where you want to go. Choose from a full range of colors to find your favorite custom-made light. Make fun flashlight effects by tapping on the menu button and choosing effect, color, and brightness.

🚨LED flashlight
Multi LED flashlight can help you get rid of the dark by turning on brightest LED flashlight. Simple flashlight shines brightly like real handy torch light app. Power light very cool and bright when used in the dark. Strong flashlight download!

🔥Strobe flashlight
Strobe flashlight frequency adjustable with sensitive flash light frequency controller. Flash Light can be used for party, emergency , like using led laser torchlight; used like SOS LED light for emergency.

🔆 Flashlight widget
Flashlight widget is to be placed on your home screen. Instantly turn your device into a bright torch light that control with 1 tap. The brightest led flashlight can be activated with a simple click. The most convenient lighting tool uses LED light.

🕯 Best flashlight - Easily turn your phone into a flashlight
Flashlight Free is the best and brightest flashlight multi led in the world. The intuitive and elegant UI design makes it just like a simple tactical flashlight. This powerful flashlight is designed to be at hand whenever needed.

💡 Power Flashlight
Power flashlight app uses camera LED flash on Android device and turns your phone into a super fast & bright flashlight led. It’s a very useful multi led flashlight. You can use power flashlight as LED light torch widget while walking in darkness.

📸 Compass HD camera with brightest LED flashlight, you can:
- Light the way when camping and hiking
- Flashlight Free Light up your night when power outage
- Walk the Dog after Sunset with brightest flashlight
- Find your keys in dark with power light
- Read a Real Book at Night with flashlight

💎 It is definitely the Best flashlight & the brightest flashlight free in the world.The Fastest, Brightest, And Most Handy Tool! Download this flashlight free now! Our flash light will accompany you any time whenever you need light!

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اسلن بدرد نمی خوره چرته
خیلی مزخرفه واقعا مردم خارج پیشرفتشون بهتر ما هه مردم ایران هم یه برنامه فیلتر شکن اینترنت نمیتونن بسازن این چراغ قوه خو خود گوشی هم داره فکرتون بهتر اینا باشه والا هیف ستاره