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Delicious is completely offline and do not have internet

Delicious with a beautiful interface and smooth separates himself from other similar apps

Delicious new recipe with new categories and new products with similar applications is a fundamental matter but did not meet the demands of you.

Delicious with additional markets and applications, such as:

The proper nutrition for children

- Foods suitable for diabetics

- Traditional dishes for those who like to learn in Iran and wild foods and Bpzn

- Tips and tricks for cooking make sure you check before you start cooking and her series

- And classification of Special feast for homeowners with tips is very useful for housewives recommend you check her series

Note: Categories of apps from app screenshots (on this page) is visible

Note: The app has a search based on the materials available to you as well, as well as the names of foods and has managed the most popular and ...

With delicious, delicious live

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