Princess Photo

Princess Photo

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Princess Photo

Princess Photo

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نسخهٔ ۲.۰.۸
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★ Princess Photo - Turn yourself into the real Princess on photo! The Best Princess game!
★ Welcome to the Princess Photo - the best Princess photo game to turn yourself into a Princess on Photo
★ Princess Photo - add beautiful dress on your photo and try princess crown on photo!
★ Princess Photo - The best Princess game to make an awesome Princess girl photo.
★ Princess Photo - Turn into Princess on photo in the game Princess Photo and find your Princess dress style!
★ Princess Photo - Add a princess crown stickers, add magic wand on the photo, add an angel wings, pink hair or stars on photo as you wish! ..
★ Princess Photo - Do you like princess dresses? Do you dream of becoming beautiful like your favorite princess?
★ Princess Photo - It's amazing photo editor for girls to try princess style, cute girls stickers on photo!
★ Princess Photo - Now you can turn yourself into a Princess on photo in 10 seconds
★ Princess Photo - follow your dream!

★ Princess Photo game helps you:
♡ add the magic wand to your photo!
♡ add rainbow stickers on the photo
♡ make a new hairstyle on the photo
♡ add princess crown to the photo or ponytail ponytail!
♡ add flower crown to the photo
♡ add veil to the photo
♡ Decorate your photo with stars, stickers, hearts and sparkles!

★ Why Princess Photo game is the best for you?
♡ We have a huge collection of cool princess stickers for the coolest photo!
♡ With Princess Photo you can make yourself an amazing Princess Selfie!
♡ Your friends and girlfriends will be so surprised with Princess hair photo!
♡ You can make a lot of different Princess pics with cute Princess stickers and Princess yourself and girlfriends!
♡ Save photo, share it with your friends, collect 1000 likes and best comments!

★ In addition, you can change the photo settings
♡ Stunning filters
♡ High-resolution photos
♡ Excellent performance - photos are created within 1-2 seconds
♡ Add text to photo
♡ Many magical art effects
♡ Brightness
♡ Contrast
♡ Saturation
♡ Blur
♡ temperature
♡ Shadows / Highlights
♡ Cropping
♡ Focus
♡ HDR Effect

★ Princess Photo game is absolutely free:
♡ No paid content
♡ No registration
♡ No coins
♡ All for FREE

Download Princess Photo right now absolutely free and make your first amazing Princess selfie photo!

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