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Police Photo

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Are you dreaming to become a policeman? Do you want to know if the police uniform is coming to you?
★ Police Photo will help you try on a policeman's suit in 5 seconds!
★ Police Photo - a collection of the coolest police suits for a police photo!
★ Police Photo - be a policeman cool and stylish! Police costumes for girls and police suits for guys - find your costume!
★ Police Photo in the policeman's suit has a bunch of settings:
★ Police Photo is very easy to use
★ Police Photo contains 70+ photos of police suits of different countries.
★ Police Photo works without an internet connection.
★ Police Photo - the best police photo application for a photo in a police suit
★ Police Photo - just select the police uniform that you like!
★ Police Photo in a policeman's suit has advanced tools and functions to make the perfect police photo

♡ 70+ police costumes! Form for girls and a form for guys!
♡ 30+ police points! Add the police glasses in the photo to finish the policeman's image!
♡ 25+ gun stickers! Pistols, rifles, bombs, handcuffs - add real police attributes on the photo!
♡ 30+ colorful explosive stickers, thunder and lightning, clouds and comics Wow! Boom! For the police photo in the style of comics!

★ Police Photo in police suit is very easy to use

1. Take a new photo or select from the gallery
2. Add a policeman's suit and filters on the photo.
3. Add steep gun stickers, police goggles, a policeman's baton in the photo or handcuffs on the photo!
4. Share your police photos with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and other social networks.

★ Police Photo in a police suit is the best way to try yourself as a policeman!

♡ Create a cool photo in a police suit!
♡ Make a complete image of a polysed guy or a photo of a girl from the police!
♡ Use amazing Wow effects! Boom! Stickers of thunder and lightning to give a photo of colors!
♡ Add police glasses to your eyes to complete the image of the policeman in the photo!
♡ Try stunning gun stickers in the photo! Add handcuffs or a gun in the photo!
♡ Save and share photos

★ Also you can improve your photo in a police suit:

♡ Many customizable effects and filters.
♡ Brightness
♡ Contrast
♡ Saturation
♡ Blur
♡ Temperature
♡ Shadows / Highlights
♡ Cropping
♡ Focus
♡ Add text to photo

★ Police Photo in a police suit is absolutely FREE

♡ Without payment
♡ No registration
♡ No coins
♡ All for free

★ Become a tough policeman with a Police Photo app in a policeman's suit! Rock Police Photo in a police suit right now is absolutely FREE! Leave your comments, we read them! :)

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