Music Player

Music Player

Version 3.1
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Music & Audio

atributies :

* Supports all music formats

* Play music based on album, artists, folders, music type.

* Powerful Equalizer. More than 22 styles for playing music include (Normal, Cassette, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc.)

As well as the ability to manually adjust and customize the music style.

* Has three widgets for the display.

* Supports poem files by scanning all files.

* Ability to change the background skins, 22 beautiful and gorgeous skins based on your choice.

* Ability to select image from gallery as background.

* Playback, Max, Jump forward.

* Ability to shake the phone to go to the next track.

* Ability to edit album name and artist name.

Other Features:

* Headset support.

* Easy search and view all your music files.

* Customize your playlist.

* Headset control

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