Drum Solo Studio

Drum Solo Studio

Version 4.1.1
Install +20 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 31 MB
Last Update 2024 January 11
Drum Solo Studio

Drum Solo Studio

Batalsoft Music Apps
Version 4.1.1
Install +20 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 31 MB
Last Update 2024 January 11
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Join the community of over 10 million drummers and download Drum Solo Studio today!

Drum Solo Studio unleashes an exceptional drumming experience, empowering you to have fun and become a skilled drummer. With the app's multitouch acoustic drum kit simulator, you can play drums on your mobile phone or tablet with your fingers. The app is free and offers studio-quality sound banks with fast and precise response. Take your drumming skills to the next level!

It includes many incredible features such as MIDI support, the ability to customize the drum pad positions and sizes, changing the drum sounds and images, recording your sessions, and exporting your compositions to different formats. With these powerful tools, you can create your own unique drumming experience

Play music loud with headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo Studio is designed for everyone who loves drums: beginners, percussionists, professional musicians, drummers...

The main advanced features are:

- 6 complete audio kits: Standard, Heavy Metal, Modern Rock, Jazz, Pop and Synthesizer.
- Record your sessions and later, you can play on top on your own loops, like a real drum set machine.
- High number of exclusive demo lessons to learn to play drums from all styles according to your rhythm skill. You can find loops of rock, blues, disco, dubstep, jazz, reggaeton, heavy metal, pop ...
- Customize drum pads with your own images and sounds imported directly from your mobile device, and adjust the position and size of the instruments to your liking.
- Start jamming on top of pre-recorded backing tracks of different styles, creating an interactive drumming experience.
- Connect a MIDI eDrum or keyboard controller to expand your creativity.
- Apply real-time effects like equalization, reverb, compression, and delay, allowing you to fine-tune your live drumming sound and create your desired ambience
- Import the drums track from your favourite MIDI songs from your storage
- Play MP3 and OGG files from your music library.
- Export your loops to MP3, OGG, MIDI and PCM WAV and share the file with your friends

Drum Solo Studio also includes these additional features to enhance your drumming experience:

- Adjust individually the volume of each instrument and the background music, giving you complete control over the sound of your drumming
- Use the built-in metronome to stay in time.
- Playback speed control for learning, and seekbar to find the preferred moment in the song.
- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kick bass, two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with the pedal), 2 crash, splash, ride and cowbell
- Awesome animations for each instrument
- Left-handed mode
- Low latency for the beats (note: depending of your available memory and processor)
- 13 touch sensitive multitouch pads. Up to 200 fingers simultaneously.
- Very fast loading time
- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps (bass, piano, guitar...) to form your own band.

Drum Solo Studio is free, but you can acquire a license to unlock some items and remove ads.

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به نظر من نصبش کنید خیلی عالی هست انگار واقعیه ۵ستاره هم کمه براش 🌹🥰
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خیلی برنامه ی خوبی بود 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 ✓صدای مناسب ✓نظم خوب ✓تنظیمات بازی خیلی از سازندش ممنون که این بازی رو درست کرد نصب کنید و برید آهنگ گوش کنید حالشو ببرین 💙💙💙💙💙