Hours and Minutes Calculator - CalcTime Free!

Hours and Minutes Calculator - CalcTime Free!

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Hours and Minutes Calculator, (Time Calculator)

With this time calculator you can perform the addition and subtraction operations between hours and minutes, it also allows you to multiply and divide those hours and minutes with integer numbers, for example:

1 hour and 36 minutes x 3 = 4 hours 48 minutes
2 hours and 15 minutes + 30 minutes * 2 = 5 hours 30 minutes
33 minutes / 2 + 1 hour and 56 minutes = 2 hours 12 minutes

Supports operations up to 9999 hours!

You have 6 memory banks to save the result of hours and minutes of an operation, so you can use it later.

We have also added a history of operations so you never get lost and you can check the latest operations

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