Photo Blender

Photo Blender

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Enhance your pics using the best pic editor with blend effects! Download Photo Blender and start transforming your favorite images and selfies! Become a real pics art pro in just a few seconds with our brand new easy to use software! Make artistic posters with amazing camera filters and picture borders from this insta pic foto blender! Be creative and decorate images on your own way adding text! Experiment by combining all sorts of different special effects and have tons of fun accessorizing photographs! Check out this free mobile app today and enjoy!

*** How to use Photo Blender : ***

Upload or capture picture you would like to blend!
Select two pics and the merging can start!
Move the line that separates photos to control the blending!
Move and zoom images to make a good match!
Switch the places of the first and the second selfie!
Select each image and start adding different camera filters!
Choose one of the 20 amazing blender effects!
Decorate your photomontages with various pic frames!
Add text to photo & write your name or favorite quotes!
Save all your creations to your mobile phones and tablets!
Share this image to different social networks!

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This is just what you needed to turn your images from plain to extraordinary! Check out this unique image editor with many blending modes! Install it on your mobile devices and start your photo manipulation! Make pics you are proud of and share them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,etc! Select some of our amazing instapicframes, filters and other special effects and start adding them to your pictures! Get this all in one app that will help you mix two of your selfies into one amazing pics art that will make anyone speechless and surprised!

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Go on and make montages that look cool and share them with your friends! Merge your face with your best friend's face and send them this new virtual makeover! Surprise them with something completely new! Add text to pictures you created with this camera pro app and pick one out of many blending options we prepared just for you! Stop wasting your time with all those useless apps and try this one that will make you fall in love with editing and decorating! Your lucky day is finally here, so take advantage of it and install it on your phones and tablets!

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Are you ready for the greatest face blender app that will make you a professional photographer!? Find all you need for blending right here! With a camera booth such as this one you will have great images anytime you want! You will love all the superb effects from this Photo Blender! It will make any pic look fantastic with special picture borders and some of the most popular filters! So, what are you waiting for? Download this new insta pic maker for kids and adults if you want to have the most beautiful collection of montages!

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