Photo Metadata Viewer – View Exif Metadata

Photo Metadata Viewer – View Exif Metadata

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Easily view Exif metadata in photos.

See locations where photos were taken on a map (if location information was recorded).

Supports many Exif tags that may be recorded on a photo, such as:
• Camera brand,
• Camera model,
• Camera serial number,
• Location,
• Date and time,
• Software that processed the photos,
• Flash mode,
• Light source,
• Lens brand,
• Lens model,
• Lens serial number,
• Width, height, and resolutions,
• F-stop,
• Exposure time,
• ISO speed,
• Focal length,
• Metering mode,
• Subject distance,
• Contrast, brightness, saturation, and sharpness,
• White balance,
And many more!

• Simple & easy to use,
• Supports many Exif tags,
• View photo location on a map (if location was recorded),
No bloat/unnecessary features,
No unnecessary permissions,
• Free!

Remove Metadata from Photos
If you would like to remove metadata from photos before you upload or share them to help protect your privacy, you can do so with our other app, Photo Metadata Remover, also available on Google Play at

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