Virtual number

Active Installs 2,000+
Size 1.6 MB
Version 3.0
Offers IAP purchases


In the name of Allah
The virtual sales system sells lines that are fully compatible with most virtual sites and software. Dear customers, it should be borne in mind that these numbers can only be received by SMS and can not be used in any way as a voice call feature.
Virtual Number Benefits:
Do you like to be safe from the harassment of individuals and advertising companies that get your phone number through groups or in any other way, and time and time to trouble you, and keep you safe and active. Do you continue
Do you like to enter social networks with your own number, register with another number, and continue chatting freely without worrying about playing the phone number between friends and groups?
Do you want to work with your number on the telegram, but you will introduce and sign up for the rest of the programs and remain anonymous?
Do you want to have a Watson account with a foreign number and have a general class for the rest!
Do you want to earn more money by selling foreign numbers to friends and acquaintances!
Are you looking for a number other than Iran to create an Apple ID for your iPhone?
And so much more ...
To solve all these issues, you will need to have a virtual number ...
This system has a symbol of the Center of Culture and Digital Media.

Code Numbers: 1-1-686923-63-5-5


Improving Performance


  • payment through Bazaar
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access