Master Bricks Build Instructions of custom models

Master Bricks Build Instructions of custom models

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نصب فعال

Lots of cool our creations for most popular categories: Racing Cars, Trucks, Robots, Space Ships, City Police, Craft Heroes, Boats, Animals, Planes, Houses and the like.

All new instructions we made from bricks (not vendor), and more custom creations in Public Gallery, fun Comics with heroes and color PixelArt pictures in built in editor!

Have fun by building something new with bricks or compatible. All instructions are clear and easy to follow.

With the Gallery you can publish your own creations (MOC) and any other bricks model you built yourself from your bricks!

No more loose bricks! Our Instructions will help you get the best of your collection. Breathe a new life into the boxes of extra pieces you have!

Our app will help your have more FUN with the sets they already have. You can search through different creations designs, browse categories, and share your achievements with friends, and rate the others.

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