Learning Turkish Conversations

Learning Turkish Conversations

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"Learn Turkish - Conversation Practice" (learning by talking Turkish app) is the best Turkish learning app that helps you can speak Turkish confidently and fluently.

"Learn Turkish - Conversation Practice" is the best application that provides so many familiar phrases, such as huge collections (+9999 sentences/phrases) of Turkish conversations with various categories and relevant topics.

You do not need to try hard to become a native Turkish speaker. There's an easy way to get it done: first, listen and repeat; second, take a recording of your speech to compare them with the app's speakers, then repeat the above steps over and over again. Remember to keep tracking your learning progress with the app's supported tools. You will see the differences after even a couple of days.
This solution gives you an effective method to correct yourself quickly. Practice day by day with appropriate learning plans will help to improve your Turkish skills silently. Language has no Boundaries!.


+ Listen to conversations: play the entire conversation one-by-one subject with both male and female voice. Replay for listening as much as you want.
+ Speaking and recording: listen and repeat after native Turkish speakers, then start recording and replay your speech later.
+ Practice and training: there's several mini-game to take that help you to remember what you've learned. Just for funs.

The App “Learn Turkish - Conversation Practice" is designed for:

- False-beginners and who want to improve Turkish communication.
- Those who self-study Turkish at home.
- Learners who want to practice for Turkish certificate tests.
- Those who love communicating in Turkish and practicing Turkish by shadowing method.
- Those who like to challenge your level.

And of course, no matter how much we have, it is not equal to the actual experience. “Learn Turkish - Conversation Practice" app is completely free, you can download and experience right now. We are solely responsible if you are addicted to vocabulary learning from this app

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