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Enjoy online shopping with the jomeebazar App

A different store with exceptional prices

Look at the market on Friday and check the prices and make your shopping easy with a few simple clicks. By purchasing Friday's market, in addition to buying products at reasonable prices, you will receive valuable services such as a one-week warranty on the return of goods, on-site payment and the best price guarantee. We also send Friday's products to our beloved country. One of the advantages of the Friday store market for Tehran is sending the goods in less than 5 hours.

The Friday Market app delivers a different experience for its users with ease of purchase and quick access. With this app, you can always shop around forever.

In the Friday Market app, there are many capabilities for your well-being. Dear customers, they are referred to below:

1. Simple shopping experience

2. Choose purchase at any time and place

3. Full access to all parts of the store Friday Market

4. Provide complete and accurate information

5. Internet payment and payment at the place and card to the card

6. Order registration in three ways: Internet, telephone, SMS, social networks

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