Triple Find - Match Triple 3D

Triple Find - Match Triple 3D

Version 2.1.1
Install +1 K
Category Casual
Size 143 MB
Last Update 2024 July 3
Triple Find - Match Triple 3D

Triple Find - Match Triple 3D

Version 2.1.1
Install +1 K
Category Casual
Size 143 MB
Last Update 2024 July 3
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Are you a fan of finding games? Dive into the captivating world of match-3 with Triple Find!

Triple Find - Match Triple 3D is a fun and easy-to-learn brain puzzle game, offering a relaxing experience while challenging your mental and memory skills. Try to find hidden objects, combine & match them to solve a puzzle! Build up your sorting skills to become a true match master!

Triple Find - a great match 3 game for relaxing, relieving stress, and having fun. It is an ideal choice to spend time and enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment.

Are you ready for an exciting challenge? Here's how to play this addictive match-3 game:

✓ Pick up three identical 3D elements from a tangled stack of items and eliminate them. Keep an eye out for patterns and combinations!
✓ Keep sorting and matching objects, clearing tiles from the screen. The more you clear, the closer you get to victory
✓ Watch out for the collecting bar! Don't let it fill up, or you will fail the game. Stay focused and make strategic moves
✓ Each level has specific goals to achieve. Complete them and become a true match master of 3D puzzle games!
✓ Need a little boost? Powerful boosters are available to help you overcome challenging levels and progress faster
✓ Race against the clock! Find and clear 3D items within a limited time to unlock higher levels and earn fantastic rewards

Immerse yourself in an amazing gaming experience with these fantastic features:

◆ Enjoy simple and enjoyable gameplay suitable for players of all skill levels
◆ Explore a vast collection of over 1000 cute and high-quality 3D objects while mastering the art of finding elements
◆ Unlock a series of delightful surprises as you progress, unveiling new items one by one
◆ Overcome challenging levels and conquer obstacles with the help of super boosters and helpful hint
◆ Engage in addictive gameplay that combines finding and dragging elements, sometimes requiring strategic thinking
◆ Immerse yourself in well-crafted puzzle levels
◆ Stimulate your brain and enhance memory, attention, and concentration while having a splendid time
◆ Perfect time killer, ideal for relaxation and unwinding during your leisure moments
◆ Play anytime and anywhere on a mobile phone or tablet, enjoying the convenience and flexibility
◆ No wifi or internet connection is required to play

Get ready to embark on an incredible gaming adventure filled with excitement and enjoyment. Dive into the game right away and experience the thrill of discovering and combining elements in a match-3 puzzle like never before!

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to ensure you have the best gaming experience:

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