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With the name and remembrance of God

The audio and video toolbox is a unique and comprehensive program for editing audio and video files on Android, and is the result of several months of our grateful life that is being offered to dear users of the market.

Please read the description to the end.

You will no longer need to install or purchase multiple programs for editing media files.

We've provided all the features for editing a media file in one place.

By installing this powerful software, you will be able to completely edit all kinds of video files, audio and photos.

In the following, the features of the program are summarized.

* Convert and convert all types of media files based on file type

* Convert media files with the option of specifying details

* Cut and segregate audio and video files at the highest speed without any quality change

* Cut and segregate a part of the audio and video file with the option to add the Fade effect

* Voice over video

* Create slideshows from images with music and custom settings

* Create video file from photo

* Removes sound from the Karaoke video and audio file

* Repeater video and audio

* Divorce video and audio file

* Extract the desired frame from video or capture video

* Adjust audio and video channels of audio and video files with sufficient features

* Making fancy video or mocap from video file

* Crop or separate the range from video and photo

* Converts video and photos in different portrait and landscape modes

* Reverse streaming video and audio file

* Change video and photo view angle

* Change the speed of video and audio file playback

* Change the direction of video and photo display

* Delete logo and text from video and photo with two different algorithms

* Insert a box or a color box in the desired place of video and photo

* Insert text with the necessary features on video and photo

* Insert a logo or photo on the video and photo at the desired location and size

* Make a video or preview photo in the form of a dropdown

* Apply different sound effects to video and audio files

* Integrate or paste audio files together with the ability to use the Fade effect

* Integrates or mixes audio files together

* Changing audio or video sound step

* Multiplication or Tempo audio file

* Change the volume or volume of video file and audio

* Removes the non-frequency parts or the silent audio file

* Professional sound recording with the option of storing a recorded file with the desired features and format

* MP3 tag editing tool

In each section of the program, you can do this with the Farsi Study Guide

The speed and performance of the program are in complete agreement with the hardware and the amount of free memory in the user's device

In a device with a processor and RAM, the program does not have enough power and speed

In case of any problems with the operation of the program before inserting comments and ratings through the contact section in the menu, contact the program support to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Support our efforts to build and upgrade this program by registering comments and ratings.

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