Dino Robot - Troodon

Dino Robot - Troodon

Version 1.0.1
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"Troodon is the explosion mania of the Machine Legion
He collects debris from the core in Dino Robot, abandoned in a machine grave,
And builds it into a bomb.
When a battle takes place, he causes a massive explosion regardless of the friendly and enemy forces.
Troodons, which usually have no emotions,
Are only amusing in the flames and explosions of the battlefield.
In particular, he enjoys blowing up the same Machine Legion "Compsognathus"
Because, Compsognathus is said to score the highest score in
His "List of most exciting broken robots"."

Assemble the parts are scattered
Try assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur "Troodon".
After assembling You can use a variety of techniques.

if you review and comment new dino robot, we will make it soon.

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