Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

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It's mischief time for Baby Hazel! Mom and dad are out for a party and have arranged a care taker for Hazel and Matt. It's fun to see other side of Baby Hazel in absence of her parents. She leaves no chance to trouble her nanny by playing tricks. Baby Hazel makes sure that nanny is occupied with some or the other work and does not get time to attend her personal calls. Enjoy trouble making day with Baby Hazel and Matt!

Baby Hazel troubles nanny
Nanny takes a small nap and leave the kids unattended. Baby Hazel play smart tricks to keep her care taker awake. Join Hazel to have fun while troubling her nanny and keeping her awake.

Baby Hazel enjoys mischief activities
Baby Hazel and baby Matt enjoys yummy meal prepared by nanny. Oh! But nanny left Matt unattended and got busy chatting on phone. Let us see what Hazel do to keep care taker occupied with work?

Baby Hazel plays naughty tricks
Baby Hazel and Matt are busy playing with their favorite toys. Meanwhile, nanny gets time for herself and enjoys attending her personal phone calls. Our naughty Hazel is in no mood to leave nanny unoccupied. Keep Hazel and Matt happy by fulfilling their needs and make sure nanny looks after the kids properly.

Baby Hazel gets mischievous during bedtime
It's bedtime but Baby Hazel and Matt are in no mood to sleep. Nanny puts Matt and Hazel to sleep. Is Hazel really sleeping? Play the game to find out what mischievous activities Hazel do in dark to trouble her care taker.

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