Quiz Panic (Online)

Active Installs 20,000+
Size 37.3 MB
Version 1.7.4
Offers IAP purchases


Adopt a Quizzy! These little monsters are addicted to General Knowledge! Send yours flying up to the top of the food chain as you go head-to-head against other Quizzy in some incredible live action battles!
Play 20-player LIVE rounds in this never-before-seen mobile game! Discover just how fun General Knowledge Quizzy can really be:
- Copy the other players… without ever getting caught out!
- Change your mind any time you like… and we won’t judge!
- If you get the wrong answers… you can still win!
- Carry on quizzing… even when you’ve been knocked out!
- Panic… but in peace!
=> Will you simply mimic everyone else? Will you change your mind? How about a spot of bluffing?
3 game modes
-> Panic Mode: 4 to 6 players fight it out in a 5-question quiz! The winners make it through to the next round… Chaos Mode!
-> Chaos Mode: 20 players, 10 questions, eliminations, select questions… a whirlwind of madness!
-> Friend Mode: tackle 1 to 10 friend(s) head-on in a LIVE assault!


Added new questions
Added New Quizzy
Prepare table for weekly and monthly Chalenges
Minor Bug fixes and Improvements
And the game does not crash anymore


  • payment through Bazaar
  • air.com.gerwinsoftware.ir.quizpanic.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
  • run at startup
  • read phone status and identity
  • control vibration
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access
  • prevent device from sleeping

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Quiz Panic Game review

Quiz Panic Game review

بازی آنلاین Quiz Panic، جدال دیوی های بامزه در چالش اطلاعات عمومی

فکر میکنید سطح اطلاعات عمومی شما در چه حد باشد؟ آیا میتوانید در یک مسابقه هیجان انگیز آنلاین، مقام اول را کسب کنید؟ در بازی جالب Quiz Panic، تعداد زیادی از کاربران جمع شده اند تا بر سر اطلاعات عمومی با یکدیگر مسابقه بدهند. اگر به دنبال لحظات سرگرم کننده ای برای اوقات فراغت خود هستید، در نقد و بررسی این بازی اندرویدی با ما همراه شوید.

Quiz Panic Review With Introduction Video

You will surely have come up with a lot of questions and answers like Quiz Fong King, sunshade and other popular titles in this genre. The Quiz Panic is the first title released by GroenGames in the midst of domestic stories that can engage you and your friends for hours and put forward challenging steps ahead of you.

Quiz Panic Review

Quiz Panic Review By Baziato