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A license from the Center for development of information technology and digital media.

Teaching with Games (designed for ages 4 to 6 years)

Software features

- Questions on the program has been designed from easy to hard.

- Questions raised multi-faceted and duplicate content (to stabilize the material taught) in the various questions will not be bored child.

- Due to the age that still does not have the ability to read, all questions associated with voiceover and child with the least need to accompany parents can then answer the questions cope.

- Using the method, points and prizes in the game motivates children and his desire to play more and correct the mistakes.

- The material presented in the game will increase the child's knowledge in various fields. This information includes:

* Learning numbers using a multi-faceted questions and topics with the ability to count with text and sound.

* The main drawback of using a variety of training in the kinds of questions and use the correct, wrong questions.

* The main volumes and provide training differences between surface and volume.

* Learning Colors indirectly by staining the form of prize game in the sixth stage of the children placed.

* Familiarity with different jobs.

* Familiarity with the five senses.

* Introduction to objects and materials and their applications.

* Familiar with the process logic by picking up right images.

* Learn the names of animals using the multi-faceted questions and characterize each animal and their environment.

* Teaching math concepts for this age include: Directions, More& less, Farther&closer, Above and below, Weight, Kind of money, Tools and their applications, Long and short

* Raise the matter with the questions that:

   Something flawed and children should find defects.

   There are forms and children should find the nearest form the desired shape.

   Finding the desired object's shadow.

   Jigsaw (puzzle)

All content presented above is growing and provide the next update and your loved ones by purchasing package now, you can further updates at no charge to download.

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