Gunship Helicopter Air Attack

Gunship Helicopter Air Attack

Version 3.34
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 80 MB
Last Update 2023 July 20
Gunship Helicopter Air Attack

Gunship Helicopter Air Attack

InfoSoft NI
Version 3.34
Install +50 K
Category Action
Size 80 MB
Last Update 2023 July 20
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With 4.3(☆☆☆☆) stars rating and over 2M users, Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attack is one of the best helicopter air battle gunship assault chopper military VTOL aircraft shooting helicopter games you are going to find! The Gunship Helicopter combat missions are here.
VTOL aircraft Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from the sea and take over the shoreline. Warships fleet and cobra helicopters are getting closer and closer to land, putting the nation into real danger of apache combat strikes, chopper wars. Commander get your position as Fighter Jets gunner seat take gunship battle to the seas in this warship battle air combat gunship attack, a real 3D modern warship gunship strike action game with ace pilot missions inspired by historical air battle Naval clashes of World war II PVP dogfight. Does US army gunship attack by combat helicopters.

You are a frontline air US commando forces army helicopter pilot. Your mission is to stop the invaders by targeting them, fire bombs and shoot them down from the air combat gunship helicopters. Pilot the air war strike gunship army helicopters.
Will you be able to navigate the heli VTOL aircraft well enough? Fighter Jets helicopter pilot target the war ship? Will you fire the RPG in Aerial Combat? Are you REALLY fit for the air force? Enjoy army gunship attack in this air war strike.

🔥There is not much time! Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attack 2021 NOW and become the hero of air battle world war of choppers gunship strike attack.

🚁 Real Fighter Jets life simulator
🚁 Phone motion controls
🚁 Realistic models: Apache, Chopper, Gun ship, war ship and US army Helicopters.
🚁 3 Difficulty levels
🚁 Real physics aircraft controls
🚁 Multiple weapons: shoot RPG, machine gun, sniper, and more…
🚁 Extreme war environment! US army Gunship Chopper Simulator.

1. Control the helicopter by tilting your phone
2. Navigate the Fighter Jets heli and get closer to your enemies shown on the radar
3. Target the enemy
4. Aerial Combat Attack everything that moves: kill your rivals - shoot machine gun, RPG missiles and bombs. Air Wars is up to you.
5. Sink ships, gun boats, and other enemy apache & chopper helicopters to pass levels
6. Be careful! Your rivals can fire back! Do your best to escape their attacks

🔥Are you ready to be the new nations hero??? Download Helicopter Simulator 3D: Gunship Battle Air Attack NOW and let’s see what you’ve got in this helicopter flying game!!!🔥

🚁 Real Life VTOL aircraft Simulator
With tons of excitement, HD graphics, exquisite controls, and thrilling enemy battle, this is easily one of the best war shooting games you’ll ever play. Fight with other helicopters, navigate, follow, strike and kill. Only one can be the winner in this 3D army helicopter pilot game! US Army Chopper Games 2021.

💥 Wide Variety of AC 130 Weapons
Your VTOL gunship helicopter is well equipped with 3 different types of ammunition (machine gun, air to ground missile, RPG and anti-aircraft sidewinder missile). You need to wisely control the weapons as this is a war chaos simulator, meaning there will be intense moments and superior enemies that will need your best jetfighter shooting skills. Fly air war choppers in this new helicopter simulator game!

💣 Watch out! Danger is everywhere!
Check the radar in this air battle strike counter shooting game to try and predict the battles. In this gunship solo battle game you need to strike enemy's war ship artillery, tanks, soldiers, turrets and base camp to win the battle. Defend by US army gunship attack.

🔥Only the best Fighter Jets - apache helicopter pilots can survive the toughest sky warfare! Are you one of them? Don’t wait, download now, join the air force special forces and let’s see if you have it in you. Play and enjoy our new chopper game 2021!

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