Love + ( لاو +‌ )

Love + ( لاو +‌ )

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Boys, girls know!

Girls, boys, you know!

They become familiar with the emotions and the relationship between them and improve them.

The correct understanding of the opposite sex is one of the pillars to build a successful life and all we have tried to draw her mind awareness of your subject.

You may have happened to you that you do not know what candidate you want!
The answer is in this application to all the needs of the emotions a girl and a boy look.

All this translated content from the world's best psychology journals like you will not find it anywhere!

Translator: Mahmoud Rajai (graphics supervisor and interpreter software)

+ Addressing the needs of boys and girls
+ Identify and understand behavior
+ Check lovely
+ Check the items that they do not like.
+ Those who feel boys and girls draw.

The following topics will be familiar and humorous ..!

And and and from here on? Thanks !! girls and boys without side

Science is not supposed to be kept.

I wanted to make jokes with girls and boys put Persia:))

I hope someone eat !! Our aim is just Khndydnh together !!

That's why we placed several articles on the subject of humor into too much love nasheed software you !! (Bqyshv wife go ahead :))

We hope you come pestering software! But if negative Bdtvn Do not come! In the first e-mail contact us.! If not resolved votes me !!.

Thanks for all.

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