Mysterious prayers

Mysterious prayers

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((In the name of God, God is everywhere present sea of ​​light))

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☆ ☆ Dahaۍ unparalleled collection of mystery that can transform your life. With virtue chapters of the Quran, the best remembrances and rituals of prayer?
✔Ya you want to penetrate the heart of his beloved, and he fascinates you?
✔Ya involved various problems and prayers are not answered?
✔ Do Get out of debt and owe no money and you do not know?
✔ Do you feel you need guidance to reach your Hajthay?
✔ Do you ever cut lending is insignificant and diseases?
✔ Do affection and NATO Bkhttan is closed?
✔Mykhvahyd need to know the secret to achieve?
✔Mykhvahyd problems easily leave behind?
✔Mykhvahyd Gordian knot quickly open your fortune?
✔Mykhvahyd rich and keep you safe from diseases?
✔ Do you want to know the secrets of the breadth provision?
✔ secrets affection other than that you want to be?
✔ you want your life to be full of joy and happiness?

♥♥ with this fantastic software you're familiar with prayer and genuine secrets to step up to the world of the supernatural and the secret of happiness to know. Hundreds of prayers and instructions for those who want to change. ♥♥

Think for a moment whether this precious treasure of mysterious prayers, not worth the price?

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Imam Ali (PBUH) which says:
La Tstbty movement and height Sddt Dayk way Balznvb
Think sooner heard your prayer, while you comply with sin the way it closed.
Ballad Ghurar al-Hikam wa Durar al-Kalim Page 193, H-3768

Pray mysterious including collections:
Healing and Health
Quick Alastjabh
Unfortunately for solving
Borrowing and debt
Pay Hajat
Anti anger
Ramadan prayers
Various prayers
Lady of the Rosary
Kursi verse
Divine chants and the best chants

Virtue chapter include:

Surah Al-Israa
Sura Araf
Chapter prophets
Sura tips
Surah Al-Fatiha
Surah Tawheed
Surah Al-Hajj
Surah Al-Hijr
Surah Al-Hashr
Sura (thereof)!
Surah Al-Raad
Chapter Zalzal
Chapter poets
Sura Dhuha
Surah Taha
Surah Al-Alaq
Chapter spiders
Surah Al-Furqan
Surah Al-Qasas
Surah Al-Kahf
Surah Al-Jinn
Surah Al-Imran
Baqare Sura
Sura property
It becomes clear sura
Surah An-Nahl
Sura al-Nisa '
Sura Al-Nasr
Sura The Cow
Surah Hud
Chapter Event
Surah Yusuf

The advantage of the application:

1. accurately classify and regular content!

2. The unique graphics and application icons beautiful background with animation and sound

3. The validity of the program by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has been reviewed and approved

4. There are large and small facilities favorites and settings and change fonts and text as you wish ...

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