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RSS Reader news 7 languages

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This app has over 800 news outlets, sports sites and newspapers that will enable you to easily get in touch .

To access the MoryNews application in two ways online and offline, you can check out news and events, so run this software and get news .

Weather display for up to two hours per hour, view in widgets (widget )

Weather display for up to seven days, display in widgets (widget )

Show Shadows, Show in Widgets (Widget )

Show gold and currency rates ... From the reference site, view in widgets (widget )


News includes :

There are 107 active news services in Iran that are active on the Internet and visible in the "Country News" section .

There are 430 international services and technology and community and politics. . . It is active on the Internet, which is completely separate in the program of each language .

There are 60 active sporting activities that are featured in Sports News .

There are 12 newspapers in the capital and cities that are active on the Internet, which is featured in the "Domestic Newspapers ".

The display of exchange rates and gold in Iran taken from the reference and can be seen in the "Currency and Gold" section .

There are 58 Arabic-language news services in the "Arabic News" section .

There are 28 Turkish-language news services in the "News in English" section .

There are 105 English-language news services available on the Internet under "News in English ".

Weather display

All cities and provinces, the show is comprehensive in the next seven days

Ability to increase the city list according to your request

This software has been tried with a great deal of information and data to be useful to get your satisfaction and so the software may have bugs, please do not leave us without your comments and we will be in the development and improvement Help this software .

Programmed by Morteza Bahmani: 09198510360

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