Brainstorm and intelligence test

Brainstorm and intelligence test

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General Description:

I hope this is the game for you a useful and enjoyable.

This game is a game for entertainment, along with a simple IQ test results are approximate.

This game engages your mind and think of your mind as you know it takes the brain stronger and develop it.

You can play with intelligence and rigor and challenge your memory or your child or other people tested.

This game has different kinds of numbers we've presented it.

How To Play:

In this game you have to deal with greater numbers. You should enter the main part of the game after intense with respect to the specific number range that is written at the top. Numbers between the range of conjecture (guess numbers chosen by the application) and press entrance (which is in the form of a circle) to enter. But if the circle was red, it means that your number is not total in this category.

Note: The intelligence after a click button is disabled.

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