Learning Electronic 1

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Learning Electronic 1

1 Learning Electronic software without pay legal problem and hope to pay less for software control circuits, for us to improve and expand the application of applause.

In this program, see:
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Some printing techniques fiber PCB software was Afzarzkr
Acid produced printed circuit
1 - How to print and press (manual and a good way)
2 - marker method (manual method with less accuracy and quality of ironing)
3 - spray positive (industrial)
4 - silk-screen printing method (industrial)
5 - How Ltrast (industrial)
6 - Laminated method (industrial)
Silk-screen printing technique has already been introduced in the cafe.

Of soldering on PCB
Electronic symbol
Electronic Signs
Trading with a multimeter
Full use of transistors

Silk-screen printing technique has already been introduced in the cafe and you can download it.


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