Driver Test: Parking

Driver Test: Parking

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The simulator will help in an entertaining way to quickly learn traffic rules parking lot

Application "Driver Test: Parking" to help in an entertaining way to learn traffic rules to park the vehicle. Many are lost and do not know how to put the car into the parking lot. There is a lot of questions. And in order not to make mistakes developed this app! Application considered the various situations in which it may be the driver puts the car into the parking lot.

In this application, all of the most relevant: knowledge about the parking rules, rules of the road simulator. As a result, you are the most knowledgeable and competent motorist. Preparation for the exam in the traffic police will be easy and fun!

* Visibility and interactivity
* Possibility of multiple repetition of the situation
* Different types of roads, intersections, bridges
* Situations different levels of complexity

Traffic regulations Exam handed - get a driver's license!
Happy motorist road.

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