HuNa Wallpapers: 4K, 3D, Parallax, Auto Changer

HuNa Wallpapers: 4K, 3D, Parallax, Auto Changer

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HuNa Wallpapers: 4K, 3D, Parallax, HD, Auto - where you can find free hand-selected beautiful wallpapers for your phone. With a lot of beautiful images in the app, varied image quality like HD, 4K (UHD | Ultra HD) as well as Full HD (High Definition. you can change the look of your phone every day. You won't need any other wallpaper apps.

- Adapted wallpaper for your device:
Only the wallpapers appropriate for your device will be displayed.
Supports all devices of all screen sizes. Never have poor quality wallpapers.

- Custom cutting of wallpaper under your screen:
Customize frame, size, rotation to achieve the perfect photo for your device.

- New wallpapers every hour:
Over 100,000 wallpapers are available and continuously updated with the best photos every hour.

- Save battery and resources:
With wallpapers specially created for your device, we make the app run smoothly, save battery power and internet traffic.

- Double wallpaper:
You can simultaneously update a set of wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen are not the same but with a unified, unique to show your personality.

- Daily wallpaper:
Change the wallpaper automatically every day to make it fresh.

- Parallax Live wallpaper:
Live wallpaper with very cool 3D effects with Parallax Wallpapers.

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