Mice for a cat!

Mice for a cat!

نسخه ۵.۰
نصب فعال

Mouses for a cat - a game created for playing with your kitty! Mouse is walking through the phone screen and your cat has to catch it to earn coins! Open the game, release mouses, spiders, salamander and let the kitten catch them on the screen!
Check how clever and intelligent is your cat and how many mices will catch during the game. Every catched animal translates into the amount of coins obtained which can be later exchange for new playgrounds.

Don't let nimble mice to escape! Let your kitty catch them before they hide into holes.

There are 3 types of animals which your kitty may catch. Each of them is worth a different amount of coins.

Mices are moving smoothly and thanks to the realistic movement and animations of a mouse's tail your cat will love this game! The game is intended specially for cats but also children can play in it and have fun!

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