Battery Saver Master

Battery Saver Master

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Battery Saver is a useful tools to optimize your battery level. The battery tool can handle background processes in order to make a more efficient use of your phone's or tablet resources. It is a nice widget on desktop area that display useful information such as your battery level (percentage).

Display Battery Data:
- Current in mAH
- Temperature in Celsius(oC)
- Health Condition
- Voltage in mV
- Plugged via USB or wall mount charger
- Show Status if Charging or not charging

Key Features:
- Switch On/Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS, bluetooth, Airplane Mode
- Manager the screen timeout and brightness
- Provides notification when your device battery goes down
- Display all the running apps with detailed memory
- Kill the running task for power optimization and memory consumption
- Working as Memory Booster

Please download and have a try, If you have any problem while downloading the Battery Saver, please tell us. We will do our best to protect and improve your battery.