Color Notes, Notebook, Notepad

Color Notes, Notebook, Notepad

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Color Notes, Notebook, Notepad

Color Notes, Notebook, Notepad

Tidy Notes & Diary & Focus
نسخهٔ ۲.۱.۷
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۱۹ مگابایت
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Tidy Notes, the best note-taking app designed to make your life easier.

Whether you need to write school notes, quick reminders, or organize your daily to-do lists, Tidy Notes will be the best choice.

With its user-friendly interface and rich set of features, you'll never miss a beat.

Let's explore what makes Tidy Notes the perfect note-taking app:

👍Key features:
💗Free notebook app, easy and intuitive
🖼️Create Picture Notes and voice notes
📱Sticky Notes widget, View your note from Home screen
📝Rich Text Editor, Customize font style color and size
🌈Make beautiful notes with different backgrounds and themes
#️⃣Oraganize notes by categories and tags
⏰Make to-do list and reminders easily
🎨Draw and handwrite in note with pens and templates
📅Calender view for notes
☁️Backup and sync notes via Cloud
🔒Lock notes and keep notes safe and private
📔Share note as image and pdf

📚 School Notes Made Easy:
Stay with Tidy Notes. Take comprehensive school notes, voice notes, picture notes and capture important information effortlessly. The app's intuitive interface ensures a seamless note-taking experience, allowing you to focus on learning.

✍️ Quick Notes Anytime, Anywhere:
Capture your thoughts on the go. Whether it's a brilliant idea, a shopping list, or an important task, simply open the app and start typing. Tidy Notes ensures that your ideas are never lost.

📝 Easy Notepad and Notebook:
Tidy Notes acts as your virtual notepad and notebook, providing a clutter-free space to organize your thoughts. Create multiple notebooks for different subjects or projects, keeping everything neat and easily accessible.

🌈 Colorful and Customizable:
Express your creativity with Tidy Notes' colorful themes. Choose from a range of vibrant backgrounds to personalize your notes and make them visually appealing. Add a touch of personality to your note-taking experience.

📅 Note Reminders:
Never forget important tasks or deadlines again. Set reminders for your notes, and Tidy Notes will notify you at the specified time. Stay organized and stay ahead with this handy feature.

🖊️ Handwritten Notes and Voice Recording:
Capture your ideas in their purest form with handwritten notes. Draw diagrams, sketch ideas, or simply doodle alongside your written notes. Additionally, the app allows you to attach voice recordings to your notes, making it even easier to capture your thoughts on the fly.

🗒️ Easy-To-Use Note Widget:
Access your notes quickly from your device's home screen using the Tidy Notes widget. Jot down important information without the need to open the app, ensuring you never miss anything important.

🔄 Sync and Backup:
Enjoy seamless synchronization and backup across devices by logging into your Google Drive account. Your notes will be securely stored in the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere.

🔔 Note Reminder and Daily Notes:
Set reminders for your notes to ensure you stay on top of your schedule. Capture your daily thoughts, goals, and achievements with'll never miss an important task or appointment.

To sum up, Tidy Notes combines simplicity, versatility, and functionality into one powerful note-taking app. Experience the joy of organized note-taking with Tidy Notes and make every day more productive. Download now and unlock the full potential of your ideas.

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