WiFi  Walkie Talkie : Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

WiFi Walkie Talkie : Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

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WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push-to-Talk application which allows you to talk for free over wireless networks.

WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best solution to communicate free on same WIFI network. A free PTT application for free communication.

Now make free phone calls and talk free using Bluetooth Walkie Talkie. Free walkie talkie supports free phone calls without any cost.

The Emergency Walkie Talkie application uses Wifi technology.

WiFi Walkie Talkie not require internet or mobile network connection, use any available WiFi hotspot or create a mobile access point on one device and connect all other devices to this access point.

You can connect to other devices by conventional router or Wifi Direct. It happens in real time and voice quality is very high - you can even listen to music on the distance.

You should be on the same wifi network connection before using this free calling application.

Application Features: -

- Quick search and connect the two devices with same network
- Use the volume buttons to speak.
- The ability to visualize the input audio stream.
- The use of a headset to transmit messages to anyone.
- The ability to customize the use of sound and vibrations.
- Ability to automatically connect when the connection is lost.
- Use with device connects group talk easily.
- It supports running in the background as a receiver with minimal battery usage.

Digital Walkie Talkie : Channel scan system that allows user to search all of the channels and see if there is any body talking on any channel.

Simple Walkie Talkie : Use brings back the classic experience of using a real walkie-talkie. Use it like you would on an ordinary Portable Walkie Talkie.

Mountain Walkie Talkies : The best app to communicate for free via Wi-Fi network with all the devices which are connected on that network with a simple click.

Police Walkie Talkie : Simulator to do you want to become a policeman? Imagine yourself a real police officer. Turn your smart phone into reality. If you like playing with cops and bandits, then this is the Security Walkie Talkies application for you.

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