AudioTube: Audio Player for YT

AudioTube: Audio Player for YT

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Wanna listen to Youtube Videos(Podcast, Book summary, music, ...) while doing something else? AudioTube is the best solution on the market so far!

AudioTube gives you access to all of YouTube videos without any ads and lets you play them in background and you also can play it in sleep mode also.

⬇️ All features 100% free!
🎉 Unlimited Videos, No Accounts Need, No Subscriptions Required, No Ads!

Search your Video in Youtube and Click on share Button of in and click on the AudioTube App BOOM it started playing your Video in audio Form, now you can do something else.
Unlimited Free YOUTUBE videos Audio Form WITHOUT ANY ads,

You can easily add videos to your current listening queue to Go back and Forth for the best listening experience.

Want to listen to this video many times without adding into AudioTube No Problem You can Like it and it will be displayed in liked LIST to give you shameless and best experience you can ever give.

🚀 Lightweight and powerful Free Audio Player For YouTube videos listen to the PODCAST,
AUDIOBOOK, BOOK Summary, Music, Songs, Meditation MUSIC,... Any Video in Youtube you can Listen it in AudioTube


- AudioTube is a third party Youtube Audio player app, not a downloader. It does not allow you to listen to your own mp3. All the content is provided by YouTube services.
Therefore, AudioTube does not have direct control over the content displayed.

- Please use the following link to report any content that may infringe copyrights:

- AudioTube is not a mp3 downloader

- You can listen to unlimited songs but will not be able to download them.

- According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to let you download videos.
- By using AudioTube, you agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service:

- You can’t able to listen to any Live Videos And any Age Restricted Videos