Real World Cricket Tournament 2019- Cricket Games

Real World Cricket Tournament 2019- Cricket Games

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Are you Ready for cricket season? Get ready for latest game play experience and become the best cricket player. In Real world cricket tournament you can select real tournament match and be the best team in top 8 teams. customize your team, choose your opponent, select game type, select match overs, play toss and select bowling or batting and the game is on. Play the best matches and cricket champion’s leagues. Get the option to play even t20 and one day international matches.
Feel each bowl and batting experience with HD scenarios. Play massive fours and sixes to fly your bowl.

• Select your best team
• Select Stadium you want to play.
• Select Match type.
• Select overs you want to play from 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 overs.
• Play Toss and choose your field side.
• Win Consecutive Matches

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Real World Cricket Tournament 19: Cricket Games features:
• 12 Different teams.
• 3 different stadiums.
• 2, 5, 10, T20 (20 overs), One day international (50 Over) Matches.
• Real 3D environments stadiums.
• Umpire system.
• Toss System(Select batting or bowling)