Analog Clock 24-7

Analog Clock 24-7

نسخه ۲.۱۲
نصب فعال

Analog clock with a 12-hour or 24-hour dial. For 24-hour dial a hour hand makes one complete revolution 360 degrees in a day. But you can use the clock as classic analog 12-hour dial by settings.
The clock displays also the current date, day of the week, month, digital clock, battery charge and can hint the current time by voice.
You can use the clock as application, Live Wallpaper and widget.

* 12 or 24 hour dial;
* Light or dark style;
* Background and secondary colors;
* Control four slots on the dial to show: date, month, day of the week, battery charge;
* Show second hand, digital clock;
* Select a font from five kinds;
* Show 12 or 24 on the bottom of the dial;
* Display 0 instead 24;
* Display 13-24 hours for 12 hour dial;
* Resize clock;
* Align the clock on the Home screen for Live Wallpaper;
* Action for widget by tap: open this app, time to speech, open inbuilt Alarm app;
* Time to speech by double tap or periodically;
* Keep screen on for application.

Additional features:
* Supports native language to display month and day of the week;
* Supports 12/24 time formats for digital clock.

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