Fake Call - free

Fake Call - free

نسخه ۲.۰.۱
نصب فعال

Prank your friends with fake call from celebrities!

Super EASY to use. Just set a caller name and click "Start"!

You can use this app in various situation! Everybody will be fooled by fake call which looks real!

■Use case
1. Drinking with boss chatting forever!
--> Escape with Fake Call! "Sorry I have to go, because my wife is calling!"

2. Persistent man chasing me. Annoying!!
--> Take him away with Fake Call! "I have a boyfriend who is just calling me! See ya!"

3. Wow Samurai is calling me from Japan!
--> Surprise your friends!

Please be noted: We never collect any user information from this app.

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