Learn Python

Learn Python

نسخهٔ pythonx_1.3.0
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دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 26 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 5
Learn Python

Learn Python

Online coding institute for Python
نسخهٔ pythonx_1.3.0
Install +100
دسته‌بندی Education
حجم 26 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2024 April 5
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Do you want to learn Python or are you preparing for Python Interview? Get ready to experience the most comprehensive and unique Python Learning app.

Using the PythonX app, you can self learn Python Programming Language or brush up your skills in Python. This app not only includes comprehensive tutorials for beginners to experts, but also has hundreds of code examples and a compiler to help you run your Python script and view the output for your code.

Unique Features
Python X is one of the best and most loved apps to help you learn Python on your smartphone. Below features of the app make it unique -
🗒️ Comprehensive Guide to learning Python
🧑🏼‍🎓 Get a certification in Python at the end of the course
❓ Practice Quiz/Questions at the end of each topic
💯 Hundreds of code example to help you practice
💻 Online Code Compiler to compile your code and view output
🧮 Projects to help you prepare better
🔉 Speech Enabled learning

The course content is bite sized and helps you prepare for interviews or examinations. The app is suited for anyone who wants to get started with Python learning.

Course Content
• Get Started with Python Basics
• Hands on with Python
• Working with Data in Python
• The School Math in Python
• Decision Making
• Operations on Number
• Operations on Strings
• All About Loops
• Lists
• Read-Only List: Tuples
• Key-Value Pairs
• Sets
• Functions
• Project One - Supermarket Cashier
• File Handling
• Exception Handling
• Modules
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Multithreading
• Project Two - Library Management App
• Database Connectivity
• Project Three - Employee CRUD App
• Python Interview Preparation

The app also covers real life projects so that you can master the programming language and prepare for job interviews or written tests. It's a must have app for students and working professionals.

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