3D Free Billiards Snooker Pool

3D Free Billiards Snooker Pool

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نصب فعال

if you like the free billiards snooker pool game now there is better billiards game even with better touch countrol and

even 3D

3D free billiards snooker pool is real 3D game in playing a real room with real 3D game objects.

This is a free 3d billiards sport game with smooth controls and 360 degrees point of view.

Game Features:

* realistic 3D ball movement. you can see white ball movement on the table at every angle.

* smooth touch control for moving the cue.

* you can adjust the cue distance and ball speed

There are 2 modes

8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool

how to play

you can turn around the table with button * rotate * . when you have the right position for hit just turn off rotate button.

and click the button * hit *

you can adjust the ball speed via ball speed bar that is located in left bottom side.


You can play against computer , human or single player.

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