Music Classic Guitar

Music Classic Guitar

نسخه ۲.۲۱
نصب فعال

This application is a virtual classic guitar, so you can always have your favorite instrument in your pocket! The great quality sounds recorded in a professional studio make the guitar sounds very realistic. Playing disposal have 22 frets and 8 chords. You can also use the option of playing by pressing the strings or after releasing the strings. In addition, you can switch the view of the app - on the chords and on the neck. The app is completed with high quality graphics. Music Classic Guitar is ideal for both beginners and professional musicians.

- excellent, natural sounds
- excellent up to full HD graphics
- 22 frets
- many chords
- 2 play modes: chords or solo
- string bending
- special effects
- turn on/off vibration mode

Music Classic Guitar is a perfect app for professional and not experienced users (even for kids). Practise with this amazing guitar simulator! It will be your favourite music instrument. For guitarists, musician, performers and artists!


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