Photo Sketch

Photo Sketch

نسخه ۱.۶
نصب فعال

Photo Sketch Draw
You don't know drawing than don't worry. You are correct at place.
Enjoy this amazing application Sketch Draw and Make pencil sketches
on single clicks. Many sketch effect shows in default. You can edit these
images by adjusting sharpness, blur, color balance etc.
Sketch Types :
# Color / Pencil Sketch Effect
# Color / Oil Sketch Effect
# Color / Wax Sketch Effect
# Color / Crayon Pencil Effect
# Color / Black Board Effect
# Color / Old Pic Sketch
# ZigZag And other pencil Sketches

Extra Features ::
Use Inbuilt Glow Draw. Who gives magnetic effect for Image.
You can Save and Share images to your friends or Social Media.

Use good quality with white background images for best Result.
If you like this app rate it 5 star or any query contact us.

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