Guns - Animated Weapons

Guns - Animated Weapons

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Now 9 interactive weapons in one application. New Weapon: Sawed-off Shotgun. New accessory: Silencer for Glox pistol.

Now, nine weapons in one application: Glox Pistol, SMG-5, Grenade, Shotgun and KA101 Rifle, Revolver MAGNUM-T, MICROGUN, Garand, Sawed-off Shotgun. In addition, each weapon has an additional attached equipment, such as laser, flashlight, scope or bayonet

Beautiful graphics, realistic sounds of moving parts, effects such as recoil and flare. Make the weapons in the app look and act like real.

Using this application, you can see how the different weapons works.
You will find moving parts such as slide, trigger, hammer, magazine, bullet shells, laser sight, lock, etc.

If you are interested in weapons, guns, this app is just for you.

Weapons in application:
- Glox Pistol - interactive elements: slide, trigger, hammer, magazine, bullet shells, laser, lock, silencer
- SMG-5 (Submachine gun) - interactive elements: slide, trigger, magazine, bullet shells, laser , flashlight, fire mode switcher, lock
- Grenade - interactive elements: pin, lever, grenade shell elements, etc.
- Shotgun - interactive elements: trigger, forend, shotgun shell, laser, flashliht, receiver, ejection port
- KA101 Rifle - interactive elements: slide, trigger, magazine, bullet shells, laser,
bayonet, grenade launcher, fire mode switcher, lock and magazine lock
- Revolver MAGNUM-T - interactive elements: trigger, hammer, cylinder, ejector, cylinder release, crane, laser, scope
- MICROGUN - interactive elements: slide, barrel, trigger, magazine, bullet shells, lock, ammunition belt, silencer
- Garand - interactive elements: slide, trigger, magazine, bullet shells, clip, bayonet
- Sawed-off Shotgun - interactive elements: trigger, hammer, barrel, bullet, shotgun shell, laser, extra barrel, fire, smoke

Another weapons in the next updates.

How to use guns:
1) Unlock the gun
2) Click on the trigger to shoot
3) Swipe down to change magazine
4) Swipe right on slide to reload
5) To turn on laser sight(flashlight), click a button on it
6) Click on fire mode switch to change shooting mode

If you do not know what to do, click on the icon "i" to see manual.
To access the settingsclick on the icon with the gear. There you can change the scale of weapons, change speed and change the amount of ammunition.
To attach a laser sight, click on the equipment icon.

If your on your smartphone application is running slowly, you can reduce the scale of weapons in the settings.

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