Talking Reality Cat

Talking Reality Cat

نسخه ۱.۳۷
نصب فعال

Do you want to adopt a cat as a pet? Talking Reality Cat can fulfill your wishes. Take care of your pet cat, feed it and play with it. The cat can also catch mice that invaded the room!

Talking Reality Cat repeats everything you say with a funny voice. Play as a real cat, explore huge houses. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Reality Cat.

Play with Talking Reality Cat:
- Talk to Cat and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
- Cat is really sweet.
- look at cat dancing.
- Cat has a sleep.
- Cat is the monster of circus.
- Poke cat's head, arm or feet.
- Cat can walk and run in different scenes.
- Beautiful locations to explore with tons of objects to destroy.
- Simulate talking cat to explore the cat's world.

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