Speak n Talk Calculator Lite

Speak n Talk Calculator Lite

نسخه ۱.۷
نصب فعال

*Your favorite speaking calculator is now updated with a brand new look, a calculation history view, and mute function!*

--First uninstall and then install the new update if you are experiencing problems with the update process.

To do 1+1 say: one plus one
To do 1-1 say: one minus one
To do 1x1 say: one times one
To do 1/1 say: one divided by one

Ever wanted to tell a calculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wanted to listen to the calculation to make sure you have entered the correct calculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that for you!

Speak n Talk Calculator can recognize spoken compounded mathematical equations. For example, you can say what's negative 2 plus 2 times 5 divided 3 minus 4 point 5, -2+2*5/3-4.5? and Speak n Talk Calculator will respond with the correct result. But Wait there is more, you can also use the number keys to type in equations as well! Speak n Talk Calculator can even tell you jokes, just say "Tell me a Joke"

Let the Speak n Talk Calculator do the Math and Speaking for you!

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