Measure Distance on the Map

Measure Distance on the Map

نسخه ۶.۲
نصب فعال

You can measure distance on the map with your phone.
If you want to measure short distance, you can also easily get it. Your camera on the phone will do it.

Measure long distance :
1. Move your position based on GPS, or move quickly by searching other positions.

2. Just point the positions on the map then you can get distance even if it is very long.

Measure short distance :
This application improved the accuracy with camera, accelerometer and trigonometry.

1. Select the height of the object
- 3 cases are provided by default and can be edited anytime
- Pole : 2.1m, Human : 1.7m, Default : 1.0m

2. If the object has been designated by screen touch, drag or press button. Then the distance and height are calculated immediately.
- Point the target on the center of the object and touch the top or bottom of it.
- You can drag in order to adjust more easily.
- Up/down button can help you to control more detailed measurement.

- Camera : capture screenshot
- GPS : find my position to measure distance on the map
- Read/Write SD Card : read and save configuration

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