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Stargon Browser

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The Stargon browser is an lightweight web browser, but has 30 built-in features. Swipe gestures will allow you to go backwards and forwards as fast as turning pages in a book. It's also a secure web browser that blocks safe browsing and discoverable hidden tracking tools.

👍 Key features

📖 Gesture - You can turn web pages as you would turn pages in a book.

🎈 Ad Block - Ad filters help you remove unnecessary ads from your web pages.

📡 DNS VPN - Protects users from DNS manipulation, and in some countries HTTPS bypass is possible.

📜 Custom fonts - Users can apply fonts, sizes, and thicknesses to web pages.

🌙 Night mode - Supports high-performance night mode that reduces eye strain.

🎬 Video Download - Built-in downloader that can download image and video and watch it.

🚩 Full screen - Full screen capability to immerse yourself in web pages.

📷 Capture - There's a web capture feature for full, continuous, and partial screenshots.

🛡️ Safe Browsing - Safe browsing is possible by blocking dangerous sites in advance.

🤐 Secret mode - You can start secret mode anytime, anywhere without secret tabs.

✈️ Translate - Translate web with Google translation system.

The Stargon browser has many built-in add-ons. QR Code Includes all necessary functions such as scanner, gallery, image file search, image editing, premium file upload, PC mode, download archive and more.

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